Virginias Luxury Bags
Virginias Luxury Bags

Like many of our customers we appreciate the designs and craftsmanship of luxury products.

As connoisseurs of designer items we cherish them & cannot understand how many of these beautiful pieces fall into disrepair.

What is the point of proudly displaying a designer bag on your arm that has obvious signs of distress? It says more bad things about the owner than good.

Here at Virginia’s Luxury Bags we only trade in the best 5% of previously owned purses so you are guaranteed to receive a bag you can proudly wear & your friends will envy.

Our inventory may be low but our quality is VERY HIGH!

Sellers: If you have a cherished bag that has been well kept with little or no blemishes, please send us pictures of the inside & outside as well as any associated items (Locks, Keys, Dust Bags etc.) and we will be happy to provide you with an offer.